Wow-Worthy Nature Photography of Ergaki National Park by Alexander Nerozya



Stunning nature photography of Ergaki National Park by Alexander Nerozya is coming our way today straight from Russia. Nerozya is a young photographer who started out as a graphic designer and realized that his love of taking pictures had turned into a genuine passion and profession as recently as 2005. Nerozya’s favorite genres are landscapes, portraits and photographs for commercials. He works for FotoKvadrat, together Yilia Mikhailov and two more photographers and visual artists. Nerozya recently traveled to the savagely beautiful Ergaki Natural Park, in the West Sayan region of Krasnoyarsk. Check out the unparalleled Siberian beauties, rocks, flowers and crevices below and let us know if you are as wowed as we were, in the comments section.

















Source: FotoKvadrat.ru

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