Uncanny Contemporarily-Themed Paintings by Jordi Diaz Alama

You may not be entirely used to seeing characters depicted in intimate poses, or wearing watches and high-heeled strappy sandals, but that’s part of what these paintings by Jordi Diaz Alama are about. The young Spanish painter based in Granollers/Barcelona is also a professor at the local University of Fine Art, and chooses to define himself as a conceptual artist, and a traditional, figurative painter. Indeed, in terms of style, his work is almost realistic, reminding us of the masters from centuries ago, but his themes are nothing short of topical and contemporary: sexuality, loneliness, morality, and mortality, all in a desolate, urban indoor environment. Diaz Alama’s paintings have been showcased around Europe, in Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, and he is also the recipient of the ‘Figurativa ‘11’ first prize, awarded by a foundation for the arts from Madrid. He was born in 1986 and has also undertaken study fellowships in Florence, Italy, and Oslo, Norway.









Source: DiazAlama.com

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