Texture and Space in Patrick Hamilton Landscape Photography

Vast, nearly infinite expanses of the most varied textures: that’s what Patrick Hamilton landscape photography is all about. Be it the desert or the frozen waters and ice bodies of the Poles, Easter Island or a lavish nighttime sky, replete with a million brilliant stars, the New York-based photographer is skilled at visually depicting endlessness, negative space, and uniformity—to which he does, however, manage to add a lot of meaning and sense. As one can easily tell, the artist is well-traveled and has ambled all over this Earth, from the most remote and exotic islands, to ‘Little New York,’ and back to the nomads of the desert in Algeria and elsewhere in Africa. Check out his portfolio, to discover the entire range of his work, spanning from dynamically lit urban cityscapes, to warmly-toned desert-scapes, and the into the iciest recesses of either Pole.



















Source: Behance.net

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