Spectacular Mountains in 15 Pictures

Spectacular Mountains

Summer is here and a lot of you may be dreaming of hitting the beaches by the sea or the ocean, but there’s nothing quite like some spectacular mountains to cool you off and provide ample space for exploration. We’ve gathered up some amazing mountain views, courtesy of the best photographers present online. Check out the gallery: we’ve got the best of the best, from Popocatepetl to Romania and back to Alaska. We’re bringing you mountainside pictures taken in summer, fall, spring, and winter.

Note that some of these pictures are aerial. They were taken out of helicopters or even planes. Others, taken in the middle of winter, required quite some courage from the photographers who traveled all the way to the top. In terms of technique, it’s also interesting to note that most of them were taken using wide and ultra-wide lenses, which are usually recommended for landscape pictures. Luckily, the photographers did all the work for us. Now, all you need to do is check out the gallery and let your imagination soar above the tops of these spectacular mountains.

Tailante Gold

[button url=”http://www.uberpicture.com//Taillante-Gold-by-Luca-Gino” target=”_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Alaska Mountains

[button url=”http://smashingpicture.net/amazing-places-in-24-pics/” target=”_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Romanian mountains in winter

[button url=”http://smashingpicture.net/postcards-from-romania-elena-simona-craciun-photography/” target=”_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Popocatepetl Volcano with temple

[button url=”http://www.uberpicture.com//Popocatepetl-snowy-and-smoking-by-Cristobal-Garciaferro-Rubio” target=”_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Rocky Mountains in winter

[button url=”http://www.uberpicture.com/Rocky-Mountains-by-Shuchun-D/” target=”_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Karkonosze mountains in winter

[button url=”http://paweljg.deviantart.com/art/Karkonosze-Mountains-no38-187867381″ target=”_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Fishermans View point

[button url=”http://www.uberpicture.com//Fishermans-View-by-Max” target=”_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Colorful spectacular mountains

[button url=”http://createsima.deviantart.com/art/mountains-39901570″ target=”_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Grand Canyon seen from above

[button url=”http://www.uberpicture.com/Grand-Canyon-by-Yaneck-Wasiek/” target=”_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Spectacular mountains in Alaska

[button url=”http://bajuszgg.deviantart.com/art/Mountains-72240959″_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Passo Giau with cloudy sky

[button url=”http://www.uberpicture.com/Passo-Giau-by-Birgit-Pittelkow/”_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Mountains in Poland

[button url=”http://www.uberpicture.com//Rocky-Mountains-by-Shuchun-D”_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Tatra Mountains in Poland

[button url=”http://wojciechdziadosz.deviantart.com/art/Mountains-awakes-257517487″_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Norwegian King

[button url=”http://www.uberpicture.com/Norwegian-King-by-Max/”_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Abruzzo Mountains

[button url=”http://hassan9.deviantart.com/art/Abruzzo-Mountains-185881461″_blank” style=”blue” size=”medium”] View more [/button]

Now the ball’s in your court. Tell us about your favorite trip to the mountains in the comment section. What’s the most beautiful mountainside landscape you’ve ever seen? Any picture you’ve come across online, that you would’ve liked to see featured in this gallery? Or are you a seaside kind of person, who’s not that impressed by mountains in general? We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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