Spanning across the Horizon, Leo Caillard Photography

The landscape series we’ve selected from Leo Caillard photography is a series of panoramic views of negative and information-filled spaces. The French photographer describes his remarkable work in the following terms: “a landscape series I chose to shoot in very high definition. A work about the action of humans in diverse types of environments; void of activity or full of information. Deserts and metropolises, the North to the South, a contemplative view of the world, with no specific location globally… A panoramic story of earth and man.” Caillard has produced editorial work for Amusement mag, Wad, Archive, Wired, Emerce, Beaux Arts, SVM Mac, and Fahrenheit. His commercial clients include Stihl, Oramge, Virgin, LabTf1, Eurostar, Pmu, and Playstation, and he is also the recipient of two major awards: Club des D.A. 2011, for Best Editorial work, as well as the NYC silver AdPrint.











Source: LeoCaillard.com

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