Shadows at Dusk in Aly Wight Landscapes

It’s not difficult to fall in love with the beauty pictured in Aly Wight landscapes, which are at once cinematic, pictorial, and sculptural. Wight seems to be able to find beauty in any type of light and every angle, and he perfectly renders visual the majestic, imposing and sumptuous charm of rocky regions. He was born in Scotland, but spent the first part of his life growing up in three of Europe’s most beautiful and inspiring cities: Brussels, Edinburgh, and London. Perhaps this explains his “keen interest in art.” After receiving his first degree in sculpture at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, he “went on to pursue [his] long held interest in photography,” which he studied in Glasgow but first gained employment in in London. He was a freelance photography assistant for two years, and has since moved up to the big league, with such notable clients on his list as The Telegraph, The Guardian and BAFTA Scotland.












Source: AlyWight.com

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