Exploring Natural Beauty in Judd Patterson Animal Photography







Birds feeding their young, hunting, soaring, casually floating overhead (and some cute mammals, too) is what you can discover in Judd Patterson animal photography. The Kansas-born artist says he owes a lot of his love for nature and its beauties to the experience of having grown up among the ever-changing landscapes of the prairie. He started out with a Kodak 110, first developed his passion for nature photography in high school and attended Kansas State University where he completed a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Master’s in Geography. He now works for the National Park Service with the South Florida/Caribbean Inventory & Monitoring Network. Although he says his equipment “has evolved over time, the underlying mission has remained: to observe, preserve, and share glimpses of our spectacular natural surroundings. (…) My deepest peace comes when I’m immersed in nature…whether that is walking through waist-high prairie grasses, wading in tanin-stained swamps, or scrambling over tree line in the mountains.”































Source: JuddPatterson.com

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