Emerging Natural Beauty & Wildlife Photographer Alex Mody

The work of photographer Alex Mody exclusively comprises spectacular landscapes, in which the artist proves his fascination with bodies of water. It’s either waterfall or rivers, most of the time, but also ocean shores and lakes—rapidly coursing from spring to sea or calmly mirroring the endless sky, Mody’s photos of water have a soothing quality. Also, the photographer frequently makes use of an ultra-wide lens, in taking pictures of the water, but also of crags of rock, deserts and rainbows. As such, the worlds he opens up before our eyes seem limitless and ready to be conquered. Mody is “an emerging talent in nature photography,” the winner of Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International 2009 Youth Photographer of the Year Award. He has been featured the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Nature’s Best Photography Magazine, Elan Magazine, and as well as on a number of websites including Discovery Channel.com and MSNBC.com and is based in “damp Olympia,” in Washington state.



















Source: 500PX.com

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