Cyclopean Edifice

The structure according to our analysis, predates the Forerunners by 750 million years. It is still a mystery how such a monolithic structure made solely out of stone, could survive the eons. We have been here for a month now… we are still trying to figure out how to open the gargantuan door which is the only visible entrance to the structure… no control panels, no switches; nothing… even our scanners bounce back for reasons unknown; and no amount of explosives or weapons seem to even scratch the surface of the door or any part of the structure…the mechanism seems far more arcane than what we understand of Forerunner technology… whoever built this thing is definitely not a Forerunner but far superior and older than any known species in the galaxy. Their technology sits on a balance between science and magic…

Whatever it is, we know the answers are inside… we only need to find out how to crack it open.

-Archeological Expedition 378, Precursor Site K-3, Argos IV, year 2603, Post Human-Covenant War-

Amazing digital art by Julian399

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