Cutesy, Monstrous Illustration by Andrew McIntosh

The featured illustration by Andrew McIntosh is a gallery filled with some of cutest, most endearing monster-like critters we’ve seen recently. The professional illustrator is based in Australia and also sells his work online, via an online store, where prices on prints range from $22.88 to $28.08. The artist is currently exploring new fields, such as underwater illustration, and entire new families of characters, such as the Quadropus characters—which, of course, are octopi with four tentacles only. Some of his characters might appear scary at first, but then, a simple gesture or facial expression will reveal them for the soft-hearted, good-natured critters they really are. Aside from animal- and monster-inspired characters, McIntosh also creates human characters; and, beyond their form, all his visual ‘kids’ manage to tell cute little stories, for children and the children inside alike.



















Source: DeviantART.com

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