Beauty of Daily Lives in the 3617 DYSTOPIA Photo Series by Jonathan Deltour

The 3617 DYSTOPIA photo series by Jonathan Deltour looks like an ongoing, never-to-be-finished project that could be forever expanded on. The young, twenty-eight year-old photographer is showcasing his snapshots of real, daily, mundane life with a flair for composition, as well as for catching things that stand out without necessarily meaning to do so. Deltour has added both urban landscapes, as well as distorted reflections of reality, not to mention less ordinary portraits to this series. The effort, substantiated by the series’ title, seems to be portray a world that is at once banal and fascinating, for its very ordinariness. We believe this is often the true meaning of art: to turn the ordinary into the spectacular and noticeable, simply by looking at the world in a manner in which no one else dares to employ. We cannot wait to see more work by Deltour, as well as witness the direction into which this project will evolve.



















Source: Tumblr.com

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