50 Pictures Everyone Should See

50 pictures that will blow your mind…

70 lighting taken at Ikaria island [link]

70 lighting bolts

Mount Fuji from above [link]

mount fiji from above

Águeda, Portugal [link]

Águeda-Portugal umbrellas

Living on the Edge [link]

alex honnold soloing

Amazing Tree [link]

amazing tree

Chendra, an Asian elephant, comes face to face with Gus, a sea lion [link]

elephant meets sea lion

Aogashima Volcano [link]

aogoshima populated volcano island

Craig Alan, Populous-Audrey [link]

audrey hepburn people pixel

Sick Fearless Bastard [link]

cat sitting on the edge of balcony

Chefchaouen, a city in northwest Morocco [link]

Chefchaouen blue city

Clouds above South Georgia Island [link]

Clouds above South Georgia

First Contact [link]

magic contact

Crystal Cave (Svinafellsjokull glacier) [link]

crystal ice cave skaftafell

A Place Of Enchantment [link]

death begets life

Sheik Zayed road fantasy, Dubai [link]

dubai clouds

Flight of the Devil Rays [link]

flight of the devil rays

An Olympic Full Moon [link]

full moon olympic rings london

Gásadalur on the island of Vágar in the Faroe Islands [link]


Glasswinged Butterfly [link]


 The Great Grey Owl [link]

great grey owl wings spread

Happiness [link]

hamster loves flowers

Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan [link]

Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan

Hylea arborea + Coccinellidae [link]


If Jupiter was the same distance away from Earth as the Moon is [link]

jupiter photo

Chaudfontaine (Belgium) [link]

pin pinch the earth

Ladybug Lands With a Parachute [link]

ladybug parachute

Lavender Fields in Provence, France [link]

Lavender Fields in Provence

Natural History Museum in London [link]

london natural history museum

Tunnel of Love [link]

love tunnel

Pavement – Form Follows Groove [link]

mind-blowing roots

The bridge over Tadami river in Fukushima, Japan [link]

Mistic valley

Mount Rainier Shadow Cast On The Clouds At Sunrise [link]

mount rainier casting long shadow on clouds

Amazing place in Norway [link]

amazing place in norway

Path of Red [link]

path of red

The Perfect Sky [link]

the perfect sky

Phi Phi Island, Thailand [link]

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Badlands in Bloom [link]

purple flowers field badlan

After some rain. [link]

salar de uyuni

Sleeping Goddess at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, England [link]

Sleeping Goddess

Sunset on Mars [link]

sunset on mars

Swabian Alb, Albtrauf, Germany [link]

Swabian Alb Albtrauf Germany

The Toborochi Tree [link]

The Toborochi Tree

The Xiying Rainbow Bridge, Taiwan [link]

The Xiying Rainbow Bridge

This Forest… [link]

This Forest…

 The Runaway Tree [link]

exposed roots

Trippy profile picture [link]

trippy profile pic portrait

Geneva, Switzerland – Junction of two rivers. [link]

two rivers colliding geneva

Shan Hai Guan, where The Great Wall meets the sea. [link]

where the great wall ends

World’s oldest marathon runner, Fajua Singh (100). [link]

worlds oldest marathon

 Yarn Bombing in Germany [link]

yarn bombing tree guerilla

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