28 Underwater Photos You Have To See Right Now

28 Underwater Photos You Have To See Right Now

Take a break. Let’s dive into the magical underwater world, where nothing is fully known. Some amazing creatures are there to be discovered and many already included here might be new for some of you. It’s a great journey. Enjoy it.

A sea angel snail. by BRIAN J. SKERRY

Moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita by Alexander Semenov

Comb jelly Bolinopsis infundibuliformis by Alexander Semenov

Silent predator, hydrozoan Tubularia indivisa by Alexander Semenov

Red Bull. Amphipoda Acanthonotozoma inflatum by Alexander Semenov
Fluorescence of scaleworm Lepidonotus squamatus by Alexander Semenov
young penguin just moments before being eaten by a ferocious leopard seal.  by Amos Nachoun
Jellyfish by Tim Flach

Pacific Viperfish by David Wrobel

Mating Nudibranchs by David Doubilet

Bioluminescent Comb Jelly. By Jason Edwards

Coral Surface by Tim Laman


Yeah, that’s a sea star. by Emory Kristof

Biscuit sea star. by Jason Edwards

Jewel Sea Anemones. By Brian J. Skerry

So weird. Stargazer Fish. By Wolcott Henry

Fish fin and skin texture. By Andrey Narchuk

Awesome sharks. By Dmitry Miroshnikov


Comb jelly. By Dmitry Miroshnikov


Sea cow. By Dmitry Miroshnikov

Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms. By Dmitry Miroshnikov


Nudibranch. By Dmitry Miroshnikov


Sea apple. By Dmitry Miroshnikov


Elven forest. By Dmitry Miroshnikov

pygmy seahorses. By Alexander Safonov

marine catfish. by BRIAN J. SKERRY

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